While the firm does not have an established department for these areas, our team has experience in assisting clients with matters which have an aspect of administrative and constitutional law.

Our activities include:

· Conducting extensive human rights research and training, including, but not limited to, the Bill Of Rights and the dynamics of a constitutional state;

· Providing legal work and the drafting of opinion especially for organs of state) with the approach of assisting in upholding and conforming to constitutional principles and administrative fairness.

These include amongst other services:

· Property transfers;

· Registrations and cancellation of mortgage bonds;

· Sectional title registration;

· Township establishment;

· Applications of rezoning;

· Advise on property disposal and acquisition agreements;

· Registration of notarial bonds;

· Housing policy matters.

           Our firm has and still performs the following services in the Conveyancing field:

· Appointed Conveyancers to transfer property;

· Attending to the opening of Township registers;

· Attending to evictions and expropriations;

· Issuing of conveyancers certificate after registration;

· Sectional Title transfers and freehold transfers.

           Our firm has installed the following programs in order to communicate more efficiently and effectively with its clients:

· Ghost convey;

· Winded for Deeds Office search and Cipro information.

Our firm has and still performs the following services in the Notarial field:

· Notarial Contracts;

· Notarial Lease Agreements;

· Mining Licenses;

· Notarial Deeds of Lease;

· Registration od Servitudes;

· Protestation of Negotiable Instruments.

Drawing and drafting of commercial agreements including service level agreements for Municipal entities i.e Westonaria which include:

· Drawing of shareholder agreements;

· Budget guidelines policies;

· Service delivery agreements;

· Appointments Duration Services Area and Services;

· Key performance areas;

· Compliance with treasury, policies and risk assessments;

· Advising on the new Company Law requirements and Compliance;

· Dispute resolution;

· Compliance with relevant legislation more specifically Municipal Finance Act, Public Finance Management Act and Systems Act;


· NEC Agreements.

Our firm is a recognised and experienced specialist in all aspects of Labour Law, we emphasise on practical, proactive and cost effective advice. Work will be conducted according to a project plan, with a project schedule and fee structure which will be submitted to the client for approval.

Services include:

· Mediation;

· Arbitration;

· Conducting disciplinary hearings.

· Appearance in Labour Court and the CCMA.

  • Water Licenses.
  • Drafting of Construction Law Contracts (including FIDIC. NEC, GCC and JBCC agreements)
  • Contract Variation and Claim Procedures
  • We advise on the following

    · Advising on compliance with supply chain management requirements;

    · Municipal Systems Act;

    · Advising on potential disputes with stake holders;

    · Monitoring compliance with Municipal Structures Act;

    · Compliance with corporate governance;

    · Monitoring compliance with Treasury rules and Public Finance Management Act.

    · Public Finance Management Act.

Our firm handles a wide variety of commercial transactions which include:

· Levy Assessment of employer in terms of Section 83 of COIDA;

· Removal of persons from administration, TransUnion Listing etc;

· Shareholders share sale and business sale agreements;

· Conducting due diligence exercises;

· Deed of cession Pledge arrangements and inter-creditor agreements;

· Structuring and negotiating commercial transactions and heads of agreements;

· Negotiation and drafting of agreements;  

· Furnishing opinions on various commercial aspects;

· Facilitation’s and drafting of specialised transportation agreements, including cross border transactions and South African Exchange Control Regulations.

· Contractual Disputes

Services include:

· Advise on tender legislations;

· Drafting regulations governing procurement;

· Advise on joint venture agreements;

· Facilitation of workshops on procurement;

· Drafting of service level agreements;

· Due diligence on service level agreements.

We have a proven record on the drafting, review and interpretation of legislations. Our experience comes from a number of drafts, comments made in various bills and ratifications made in this country even on international levels (Geneva Conventions).

We provide the following services:

· Sectional title matters;

· Advise on housing formulations;

· Advise on landlord-tenant legislation and issues;

· Advise on private company housing subsidies;

· Advise on overall and specific housing policies;

· Advise on state housing subsidies;

· Management of Housing Board Subsidy Funds;

· Property development and facilitation matters such as:

Arbitration on property developments contracts;

Reviewing their contracts to comply with Home Building;

Drawing and drafting construction law contracts;

Manual and technical requirements;

Reviewing of Land and Property Law and its impact on our Deeds Registry System.

The debt collection department has adopted an approach to ensure that clients do not incur unnecessary costs and that time and resources are not exhausted on irrecoverable debts. We have had experience in Private companies, National and Provincial Spheres of Government as well as local Municipalities.

 Activities include:

· An analysis of the current debt situation of the client is undertaken;

· Drafting of comprehensive strategy adopted to suit clients’ needs;

· Strategy is implemented on a case-to-case basis.

Our Firm has installed Ghost Practise, Lexpro and Excalibur in order to more effectively manage the Debt Collection process.

· VAT;

· Corporate Tax;

· Individual Tax.

· Evictions;

· Civil and Criminal litigation;

· Promotion of Mediation/arbitration;

· Occupational health and safety and compliance;

· Family Law;

· Occupational Injuries and Diseases;

· Unemployment Insurance Fund;

· Occupational health and safety and compliance;

· General Litigation for Fastmove Electrical CC which includes:

· Litigation

High court

Magistrate’s court

Conducting trials


  • Wrong or dose of a medication;
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Incorrectly results;
  • Incorrect diagnosis or treating a condition
  • Slips, falls and trips
  • Police or Law enforcement Assaults
  • Animal bites
  • Claims for bodily injuries
  • Claims for loss of support.
  • Reporting of Estates.

  • Letter of Executorship/ Executrix

  • Section 29 advertisement

  • Liquidation and Distribution account

  • Section 35 advertisement

  • Section 35(12) payment