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The firm’s business philosophy is to establish itself as a key role player in the promotion of legally sound, public-private partnerships which focuses on sustainable socio-economic development for the general upliftment in South Africa, whilst being 100% black-owned.

We wish to establish our profile by:

Assisting Government Departments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’S) and Parastatals at all levels in attaining judiciously acceptable management standards for the effective exercise of the developmental mandate of improving the standards and in ensuring the compliance with the established constitutional and legislative framework.

Since the establishment of the firm we actively adopted the strategy that we would encourage participation at all levels within the firm, of all designated groups, and to identify and develop individuals who subscribe to the same value system. Our primary goal, however, is to render services of the highest standards to our clients, and thus employ only efficient and competent staff. We take a firm, principled stance that we would not form partnerships with demographically, politically correct firms (fronting) and/or individuals merely with a view to securing work for the firm. Our company fully complies with the Code of Good Practice in terms of the Black Economic Empowerment Act.

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